We aspire to high work standarts and we deliver them.

The company aspired. was born from a big desire
to turn digital marketing into an effective tool
that makes businesses grow

We are


We put quality above anything and want our clients to be extremely satisfied with he outcome of our work.


We always find a way to do things differently than others.


We never let “it just feels right” guide us in our decision-making process. We test different theories and let the numbers define the way we work.


We feel a huge sense of responsibility for every cent, spent either on ads or as our fee.


We constantly learn new things and new technologies and try hard to be as inventive as possible.

Simply the best

We demonstrate unmatched commitment to our projects and clients and that makes us the best!

That’s us:

The aspired. story began with SMM and performance marketing, exactly where our work stands today. We strive for a holistic approach to work and coming up with ideas that would elevate our clients’ online presence to the next level. Being mainly focused on B2B and SaaS enterprises, our team drives tangible results using the latest digital trends and agile methodology. Each member of our team is unique and has a unique set of strengths and skills, but together we complete each other, making our work a great symphony of talents.

What services do we offer?

Perfomance Marketing

Our team is unique in the way that it brings both creative and analytical people. We love numbers as we love to see a tangible result of our work. In the meantime, we need to be creative to cut through the noise of a crowded paid media space.

We also feel accountable for every cent we spend on your ads. Therefore, with us, you can be certain that we squeeze out the most from your marketing budget.

Social Media Management

It doesn’t take almost any effort to publish a post online. However, it does take a lot of effort to be strategic with SM. Smart SMM can yield lots of positive results – sales, positive brand image and stronger relationships with your clients. Reckless and inconsistent SM may do a lot of harm to your brand.

We are very careful about SMM and brand perception and always start with a big “why?”. This “why?” leads us through every step of our content creation. Whatever we do is actually aligned with our bigger goals. For this reason, our SMM is effective and it brings desired results to our clients.


Marketing is like a chess game – if you want to win, you have to be strategic about it. Before you start doing anything you need to visualise well how you want your brand to be perceived, what an outcome you want to achieve and who you want to read and watch your content.

We’ve helped numerous brands to define themselves and achieve their goals. We’ll be extremely happy to help you too. 

Who will you work with?

Daria Iniewski

Elena Shkirando

Yulia Autko

Pavlo Kubov

Alina Bukalova


Dorota Kaczmarek

How do we work?

We will first get on a call with you to learn more about your business and make an audit of your social media and previous campaigns.
After that, we will set ourselves specific goals, KPIs and prepare an offer for you.
We will start preparing a content strategy and/or a media plan and do all the technical work behind campaigns. We will also discuss the tools used for our work.
We will prepare creatives, copies as well as other materials that we will use in our work. We will ask you to give us feedback and improve what’s needed.
We will get things running, analyse and optimise them.
We will prepare creatives, copies as well as other materials that we will use in our work. We will ask you to give us feedback and improve what’s needed.

We are on a mission to make your business grow!

We can promise you that we’ll do everything to make you happy with the outcome of our work!