Lula Cleaning

This is a Polish SaaS startup that helps entrepreneurs who rent out holiday properties and cleaning companies manage apartment cleaning. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of the startup has been limited, and only last summer, due to relaxed restrictions and our marketing efforts, it started gaining some traction again.

Industry: Rent Tech

Location: Poland

Collaboration period: May 2021 – April 2022


Landing page tests conducted

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Traffic increase


Webinars organised


Different ad objectives tested

Project goals

The goal was as simple as it gets – to make Facebook and Instagram users sign up for a free trial of the product. Michal Borychowski has created a group of short-term rental owners, which could be used as an effective advertising tool. We also had to come up with an SMM strategy for the Lula fan page as well as the general group.


Lack of previous marketing

Previously, the client had already run some Facebook campaigns that turned out to be greatly unsuccessful. Therefore, we couldn’t use the previous campaigns to derive some data about target audiences, communication strategies, marketing funnels, etc. 

Product novelty​

The product of the company is new and there isn’t a single similar company in the Polish market. Therefore it was also our job to educate people on what Lula.Cleaning is and tackle neophobia (the fear of trying new things).

Limited target audience

The product group is pretty specific and limited in a way. On one hand, it’s a big advantage, as there are very few services designed specifically for business owners. On the other hand, it’s a problem as the more specific a product is, the more difficult it is to reach its audience with paid ads.

How did we work?

Whenever we start working with a client who didn't obtain satisfactory results from the Facebook ads in the past, we always begin with a very thorough one-month test. During it, we test various ad goals, marketing funnels, different events' optimisation, communication strategies, copies and creatives.
In the case of Lula.Cleaning, we had to create 2 landing pages for the campaigns from scratch. One encouraged a user to register, while another got on a call with a representative of the company. We ran an A/B test and determined that the landing page encouraging a user to register actually performed the best. We were analysing the website's heatmap and user behaviour and we changed the landing page a couple of times (particularly section order and location of the buttons).
The campaign optimised for completed registration proved to be too expensive in terms of the CPM and leads we obtained. That's why we also tested optimisation for clicks and page views which proved to be much more effective and cheaper.
As for communication strategy, we created 3 main types - "funny", "boring" and "realistic". Consequently, based on this strategy, the ad creatives and copies looked in the following way: a joke depicting a dialogue between housekeepers, an animation listing the benefits of the service, and pictures of tired people, which were supposed to add a personalised touch to the ad, a video of an owner talking about his product and a simple, a little boring image of a phone where Lula.Cleaning app is installed. Surprisingly, the "funny" ad creatives generated a great CTR, but low conversions, while the more "boring" communication style generated a lower CTR, but the ads using it, converted much better.
Lastly, we tested various target groups; we split them by different behavioural, demographic and interest factors. Interestingly enough, after carefully analysing the target group, we found out that women had converted much better than men. Therefore, we redistributed the budget in such a way that target audiences consisting of women received the largest budget share.


The aspired. team is highly committed, they test various solutions, and most importantly, care about the success and customer satisfaction; not only about using the advertising budget. I’m extremely satisfied with the constant contact that was in the form of regular meetings where we discussed the status of each campaign.

Michal Borychowski
Founder | Lula.Cleaning